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Monday, September 7, 2015


     The Caribbean islands of Anguilla, Bimini (Bahamas), British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and Dominican Republic have some "Best-Kept" secrets for vacationers to learn about. Enjoy!

Chain stores, casinos and crowds are missing...yes!
Anguilla is all about small, a tiny eastern Caribbean island encompassing only 35 square miles. There are approximately 13,500 residents and don't expect to find chain stores or restaurants, casinos, or crowds. Brian Major wrote about it, a place where time passes very quickly but "everything seemed to progress in a relaxed, unhurried manner." It is an island where scenes from the "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean" series take place.

Wild pod of Spotted Dolphins in Bimini
Meeting wild spotted dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas! A real adventure I won't forget.  

Rum Bar on Cooper Island, British Virgin Islands
You like Rum? The Rum Bar in the British Virgin Islands is for you. More and more hotels are starting to celebrate the glory of rum by creating bars tailored around the spirit. That means rums not just from local distilleries but from across the wider Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands don't accept LGBT groups. Despite being a British Overseas Territory, which means residents in many ways are treated as British, including passports, access to the UK and EU, the territory does not have many of the protections for LGBT people.

Just in from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. If you like cruises in the Caribbean, then think of going to Amber Cove, a new port development along the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It is well on track to open as scheduled next month for the first of what is expected to be more than 100 cruise calls a year.

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and writes the spy series, "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean."