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Saturday, March 19, 2016


     The Caribbean islands contain many secrets that tourists rarely experience. Here’s some of the best ones in the CaribbeanBest-Kept Secrets: Issue 3/19/16! A chain of tiny, laid-back islands lies just SW of Guadeloupe and are inhabited by tourist-friendly, blue-eyed descendants of impoverished Breton colonists. They remain untouched by the jet set. Scenes from the Corey Pearson spy series take place there. But them on you bucket-list as places to visit!
     You’ll also learn about quitter alternatives to the flashy casinos, big-name chefs and hype found on the touristy Caribbean islands. The 3/18/16 Issue takes you off the beaten path to locales like Culebra, Barbuda and a few other private island resorts. They are small in size but offer miles of deserted beaches, undiscovered natural attractions and upscale, yet relaxed, accommodations. Talk about honeymoon paradises! True, the Caribbean has become a second home to the mega-rich including the likes of Mick Jagger (Mustique), Richard Branson (Necker Island) and Donald Trump (Canouan). They have their own private islands, but you can experience these private islands without breaking your bank account.
     Yes, in this issue you can visit many of the Caribbean’sbest-kept secrets and stroll along sunny shores of some obscure island without breaking the bank. While some islands will definitely be a pain in the wallet, we found five private islands that won’t.

1.   Palm Island is actually among 30 islands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

2.   Vieques. The U.S. Navy has stopped using it as a firing-range. It is off the East Coast of Puerto Rico and is absolutely gorgeous.

3.   Tortola. Scenes from the Corey Pearson spy series take place here. It is the largest and the most touristy of the British Virgin Island chain, but offers so much and once you venture from Road Town (Tortola’s Capital). Corey Pearson rented a 4-wheel drive jeep and met contacts high in the mountains overlooking Road Town.

4.    Dominica. Become an eco-traveler and explore this isle’s mountains, volcanoes, and rain forests. It offers challenging hiking, plus spectacular scuba and snorkeling.

5.   Saba. If you’re a beach-lover, don’t journey here…there aren’t any beaches! It’s a tiny volcanic island of 1,200 where you can do nothing, save relax and unwind. This eastern Caribbean island is just south of St. Maarten and offers wonderful mountains to explore, great views, small restaurants and inns, and great diving and snorkeling.

     The Caribbean Best-Kept Secrets! Issue3/19/16 also reveals that the US airline Delta just filed an application with the government to provide non-stop service to Cuba from four key cities. It will serve Havana with daily flights from its hubs in Atlanta and New York’s JFK International Airport, as well as from Miami and Orlando. This historic move by Delta will soon provide you unparalleled access between the US and Cuba.
     Lastly, this issue offers videos of the best-kept secrets on the British Virgin Islands. Another vid features a Jamaican who teaches and reveals to you his secret jerk chicken recipe…wow! I love jerk chicken. Another video features the best beaches in Belize beaches and the last video explains why Curacao remains on the best-kept secrets list.

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is author of the Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean spy series and writes the accompanying newsletter about Caribbean adventures.