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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Secret Chinese spy base operates in Cuba!


China has secret spy base in Cuba

     Traveling to Cuba is on my Bucket-List! I dedicated the entire "7/25/16 Caribbean Best-Kept Secrets!" newsletter to this fascinating island, which is only 90 miles away from Key West, FL. Heck, that's closer than the nearest Walmart!
     I hand-picked articles that I thought North Americans and Europeans would be interested in such as the cheapest ways to fly to Cuba, what you need to know before traveling there, and how to get there RIGHT NOW!
     I also gathered some neat information about walking tours and specialty shopping in Havana, not to mention the best places for night life and clubbing...yes, for the younger crowd, clubbing!
     Lastly, I downloaded five videos about everyday life there that I thought you'd enjoy watching.
     As most of you know, the newsletter is a spin-off of my spy series "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean" and an episode is written about CIA spies inside Cuba who discover a secret Chinese eavesdropping base there. Actually, it's true, they did uncover one. Yes, a Chinese CIA spy base is operating in Cuba and it was even mentioned by Marco Rubio during the Republican debates. Here's a piece about it all taken from my spy series:
     "General Morrison waited for Hsin Chow’s call on his secure phone. The Chinese operate a super-secret complex that eavesdrops on America’s satellite-based military transmissions and the messages contained in targeted American home and business faxes and e-mails. When Corey Pearson began working for CBIF, he journeyed to Cuba to recruit assets who worked in Cuban hotels. A number of desk clerks were paid to monitor the hotel registers for a “hit list” of potential terrorists visiting Cuba.
     Corey grew suspicious when large numbers of names like Yao Lee, Yo-Yo Quan, and Sin Ling booked into hotels in Havana. Satellite imagery surveillance revealed a Chinese electronic espionage facility was being built…it literally sprang up in two weeks. In return, Beijing gave Castro electronic countermeasures that blocked Radio Marti from transmitting pro-U.S. radio and TV broadcasts into Cuba from Miami. Hsin Chow registered at the Sofitel Sevilla hotel in downtown Havana. Corey discovered that Chow had an only son attending MIT in the states. In addition, his wife visits him in Cuba several times per year. 
     CBIF targeted Chow for explicable reasons, so Morrison had Corey register at the Sofitel Sevilla, posing as a French businessman. He “accidentally” met Chow at the pool and fitness center. After several casual conversations, Corey laid out detailed plans on how Chow and his wife could defect to the U.S. when she came to visit him from China. CBIF would ensure that the CIA exfiltration team would fly them clandestinely to the U.S. and unite them with their son. The family would be given top secret clearance, new identities, and $2 million cash. Chow was a priceless target for CBIF: A Chinese engineer who was a senior member of their SIGINT program. He was no less a genius and operated Chinese surveillance satellites from Cuba that he personally designed and built."

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), loves the Florida Keys and Caribbean Islands, and authors the "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean" spy series.