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Saturday, September 17, 2016

This is all about Key Largo- CIA Spymaster Corey Pearson episode

     I love the Florida Keys, especially Key Largo! This episode of "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean" takes place at a mom and pop restaurant and bar along Highway 1 in Key Largo. It is the entranceway to the Florida Keys, an island in the upper Florida Keys, just a stone's throw away from the southern coast of Florida. You don't have to go all the way to Key West to find a good time!
     Don't forget to see this issue of "Caribbean Best-Kept Secrets" newsletter. It is all about Key Largo! This newsletter features all of Key Largo's onshore and offshore state parks and the many wildlife encounters awaiting you. So, enjoy reading excepts from this episode of "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean." It's all about Key Largo...enjoy! 

Scene from "Corey Pearson" spy series. Location: Key Largo:
     "Corey Pearson sat at a table by the front picture window of the Key Lime Café in Key Largo, enjoying a conglomeration off the breakfast menu of steak and eggs, hash browns and grits, coffee and Key Lime pie. It was past 4pm, but with no time for breakfast or lunch, he didn’t care about the unusual request. Neither did the waitress.
     A customer decked out in cut-off jeans, sandals and a ‘Wastin’ Away In Margaritaville’ T-shirt sat at the counter watching a small Motorola black and white TV, complete with rabbit ear antennae. The Parrothead wannabe sipped a Corona and snacked on a complimentary cheese plate which was frequented by flies. A large tarpon hung over the bar. Every picture and sign hung slightly askew, including a Karaoke poster that read, “No Refunds For Songs We Don’t Play!”
     Corey thought to himself: Caribbean Basin Interdiction Force, CBIF,  went all out acquiring this joint. Definitely doesn’t draw the sport’s bar, country western, college, punk rock, yuppie or corporate community. A class all its own.
     The owner bragged to the Jimmy Buffett Parrothead about how he miraculously acquired a state liquor permit, his plans for a backyard patio for bands, and a remodeling of the downstairs bathroom.
     I wonder how much the CBIF invested to take over this joint…and their reasons for doing so. Poor guy doesn’t know he’s working for them, or that his newly-hired waitress is most likely a plant for the counterintelligence teams. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Parrothead is, too.
     He gazed outside past the column of coconut palms and pink hibiscus decorating the front of the mom and pop bar and restaurant. It was Friday and an endless flow of traffic ventured west on US A1A, heading to Key West. The waitress tapped a series of buttons on the aged jukebox in the corner. It took a while for her selections to play, but finally a medley of Buffet tunes began, beginning with “Turnin’ Around”.
     Corey noticed two men talking in front of a small grocery store across Highway 1, and wondered if they were a section of CBIF’s counterintelligence (CI) team. Probably not. They’re too obvious. The real guys wouldn’t be noticed. They’re out there, somewhere, blending into the daily activities, invisible, and they tracked me since I left the Jamaican safe house. 
     (Two pages deleted)

     A cell phone musical chime interrupted his thoughts. The waitress retrieved it from her apron and spoke guardedly, while retreating to the back kitchen.
     Hope this is the signal for me to come home. The counterintelligence teams must not have detected anyone tailing me from Jamaica. 
(Two pages deleted)
     As instructed, Corey ended up at the Key Lime Café after climbing aboard an American Eagle at Miami International and flying to Fort Myers-RSW airport, then catching a 1:15pm Cape Air Cessna which was forced to weave around a large flock of gulls before touching down on the tarmac at Key West International at 2:05pm. He climbed into a green Ford-250 pickup in log-term parking space No. 43 and drove to this unpretentious eatery at mile marker 102.8 in Key Largo and ordered a meal, as directed.
     I wonder how many CBIF counterintelligence agents have copies of my itinerary?
     Corey finished chugging down his iced tea and savored the last bite of Key Lime pie. The waitress reappeared from the back kitchen, stuffing the cell phone back into her apron. She walked across the peanut shell-littered floor to his table and laid a receipt on the vinyl, red-checkered table cloth. He stared at the blank tab and understood, handing her an arbitrary amount of cash.
     “Keep the change.”
     She smiled and replied, “Thanks. Have a safe trip.”
     Corey returned the smile. “The pleasure’s all mine. I must have a look at your wine list sometime.”
     In the pickup, Corey took a miniature penlight from the glove compartment and shined it upon the blank receipt. Under the special UV light, the words “You’re cleared, Come on home” appeared."
     Don't forget to check out this issue of "Caribbean Best-Kept Secrets"'s all about Key Largo!

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), loves the Florida Keys and Caribbean Islands, and authors the "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean" spy series.