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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Penumbra Database- plot summary

Nassau and the Bahamian out island of Abaco hold painful memories for Corey Pearson, CIA station chief for the Caribbean Basin. Nassau was where he met his wife, Danielle. And it was during a mission on Abaco when Danielle was brutally murdered.

Pearson finds himself back in the Bahamas to investigate the abduction and murder of a fellow agent. Surrounded by Nassau’s familiar sights and sounds, Pearson struggles not to let memories of Danielle overshadow his mission—a struggle that becomes ever more difficult as he uncovers evidence connecting his wife’s horrific death to a deep data mining project known as the Penumbra Database.

As Pearson discovers, everyone wants the database—from an Islamic narcoterrorism group planning a major attack on US soil to players in an ongoing contest between the FBI and the CIA for control of domestic surveillance.

As for the jihadists, their plan is rapidly approaching fruition. They have all the weaponry and religious zeal they need. Their target? An upcoming World Series game—one the US president plans to attend.

Danielle may have died for the Penumbra Database, and unless Pearson acts quickly, many more will follow her into the grave.